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Scared beyond Fear

 Luci was barking incessantly as she stood under the pear tree, looking up.  It was dark. 

Darren asked if the bird feeders had been taken down for the night,..NO, they hadn’t.


I proceeded to take them down, starting with the ‘squirrel proof’  feeder.  As I sat it down on the patio table, the back side slid off and unknown to me there was a tiny mouse inside, trapped.  Seeing as he was free, he jumped straight up, on my neck, and made a short marathon!


You’ve heard the phrase, ‘scared to death’ well, this was the closest I’d come in a long time.  I let out a very loud scream plus a few more.  Must have scared the tiny mouse too because he was running top speed on the patio floor with Luci in hot pursuit.  The mouse won, he got away!

My heart raced for a long while along with breathing was short and labored. 


Darren and Harold were inside the house, heard the drama but made no attempt to come out and check things out.  I believe that have watched one too many ‘Cold Cases’ and become immune to screams in the night and other scary things on TV!


In retrospect, and thinking about the incident, I am still a bit peeved at Harold and Darren for their non-nonchalant manner.  They sorta joked about it and wondered how one little mouse could create such a scare to one’s mother and wife, who they know, has a phobia for rats, mice, rodents, or whatever else they are called!  

I am planning a re-pay prank for them,…when the time is right and get Luci to help me make the plan.  This could be fun!   


Written by Sheri DeLoach – copyright pending

03 December 2013