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UPDATE: Luci is now a certified Pet Partner’s Affliate! She passed the examination! Has her own badge and credentials!

About 3 months ago, Luci was awarded her official Pet Partner’s Alliance badge, picture and number!  This is quite an accomplishment for any dog.  The organization has the highest standards possible and the dogs that qualify have to go through rigorous training and learn at least 25 commands that are performed before accredited judges.  They must pass every one of the commands within a certain amount of time, one right after the other.  It was quite a thrill and exciting when Luci reached this level and became certified.  

We went through at least 7 levels of training, each one was based on obedience and attention to the owner.  We are a team and I have to learn what she learns because I teach and train her continuously.  

Another change has occurred with this PPA’s certification.   We are members of Angel Paws in Waco, TX., and are involved in many local activities.  We visit schools and the big thing now is “Be a Buddy not A Bully.”  These programs are taught to Elementary/Middle School kids by qualified Angel Paws members.  After the lesson(s) is presented on the how’s and why’s of “Bullying” there is a time for the kids to get on the floor with the dogs and pet them, love them, and interact with them.  Angel Paws is an awesome non-profit organization that reaches facets of society that many people don’t know about.  The leaders for Angel Paws are some of the most dedicated and loyal people I know for the cause of Pet Therapy and taking it with excellence to kids, families, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, hospices, public events, and much more than would not fit on this page!  


Luci and I are affiliated with Providence Health Care Network and no longer members of PUPS-Hillcrest.  There is a rule that we can’t be members of both.   Another challenge that we are taking on is training for volunteering with Providence Hospice in the spring. This is an intensive training for the team.  Hospice work is something that Luci and I like doing.  She began going with me to visit a dear friend who was on hospice when Luci was only 8 months old.  It came natural for her to want to lay down beside our friend and they formed a close bond.  It was actually a spiritual experience and awakening for me that occurred when I realized that the human and animals spirits can be so in tune with each other that the animal can sense things that humans can’t.  That’s another reason I would like to further our skills and gifts in hospice work. 


We are members of Providence Health Care Network as volunteers and will be doing various things according to what is happening during the year.  We are furnished jackets, vests, name tags, photo ID’s, etc.  There is a strict code of dress and conduct to be a Providence Volunteer.  We attend ongoing continuing education with the program and are given the same orientation as employees before accepted into the Volunteer Department.  


I am proud and pleased for Luci and I to be a part of this wonderful group that provides many services that are greatly needed in our society today.  Thank you for allowing us this privilege and honor. Image


Written by Sheri DeLoach

04 December 2013 


Scared beyond Fear

 Luci was barking incessantly as she stood under the pear tree, looking up.  It was dark. 

Darren asked if the bird feeders had been taken down for the night,..NO, they hadn’t.


I proceeded to take them down, starting with the ‘squirrel proof’  feeder.  As I sat it down on the patio table, the back side slid off and unknown to me there was a tiny mouse inside, trapped.  Seeing as he was free, he jumped straight up, on my neck, and made a short marathon!


You’ve heard the phrase, ‘scared to death’ well, this was the closest I’d come in a long time.  I let out a very loud scream plus a few more.  Must have scared the tiny mouse too because he was running top speed on the patio floor with Luci in hot pursuit.  The mouse won, he got away!

My heart raced for a long while along with breathing was short and labored. 


Darren and Harold were inside the house, heard the drama but made no attempt to come out and check things out.  I believe that have watched one too many ‘Cold Cases’ and become immune to screams in the night and other scary things on TV!


In retrospect, and thinking about the incident, I am still a bit peeved at Harold and Darren for their non-nonchalant manner.  They sorta joked about it and wondered how one little mouse could create such a scare to one’s mother and wife, who they know, has a phobia for rats, mice, rodents, or whatever else they are called!  

I am planning a re-pay prank for them,…when the time is right and get Luci to help me make the plan.  This could be fun!   


Written by Sheri DeLoach – copyright pending

03 December 2013



Short inspirational stories: A Little Bit of Heaven

Short inspirational stories: A Little Bit of Heaven.

Luci makes a new friend

Luci and I visited Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center’s three children’s hospitals on Wednesday 22 February 10:00AM. We met two other service therapy dogs and their owners for our rounds. One of the dogs was named Bear and he was a large wire-haired pointer Graffon, the other a female Australian Sheppard named Marney. Luci has been with these two several times and has gotten to know them.

However, on this particular morning Bear appeared to have a special interest in Luci and wanted to ‘play with her as he would make short ponces toward her!’ Luci didn’t know how to handle the playfulness of Bear’s affection and would do everything in her power to keep clear of him! He never gave up! Marney is a laid back dog and takes things slow and easy. She is affectionate but doesn’t push herself on people. Most staff know her and Bear because they’ve been in the PUP program for several years.

When we got the children’s reception room there were lots of kids there and soon we began to interact. One particular toddler, age 10 months, was excited about Luci and wanted to hug her which was easier than hugging the larger dogs! Luci appeared to connect with this little tot right away and as I kneeled beside Luci, he would come running in his little bare feet to give her a hug and then hug me:) He did this over and over as his energy was much like of the ‘energizer bunny!’ His snow white blonde curls, big blue eyes, and constant grin was endearing and we were mesmerized with his affection and joyous spirit!

Little blonde curls’s mother was sitting nearby and told me that her mom had a poodle that he loved and played and hugged the same. I thought he probably hugged me because I was much like his grandmother who must be and a big part of this play action!

This went on for 15 or more minutes and it was one of the most fun and rewarding adventures we’ve had thus far with the children:) My thoughts settled in after we got home and I concluded that, “God certainly loves the little children and service therapy dogs! To be able to spread that much goodwill, happiness, smiles, and trust with the world to see!”

I said to my hubby a few days later, “I’ve not done anything in my life that has brought me more happiness, internal joy and peace as what the Lord has given me than being the owner of little Luci, our service therapy pup who makes the world a much brighter place for so many!” Truly, I meant and mean it from the depths of my heart and soul…God has richly blessed me with this age and stage of my life.

Sheri DeLoach
February 26, 2012
Copyright pending

Weekly visit to Hillcrest Hospital

Luci and I go drive to Hillcrest Hospital each week to visit with the patients. She loves going and has a special Hillcrest Service Therapy Dog vest and her own name tag! I wear an official jacket from Hillcrest that identifies me as a volunteer with the PUP program, and a name badge too.

Luci becomes so excited when I start to get our things ready to go that she can hardly stay still:) She knows where we keep everything and leads me to it. She carries her leash in her mouth all the way to the car. The passenger seat, we call, “Luci’s seat, and it’s covered with an old white sheet!” She has her own cup of water in the drink holder! Once settled in, away we go! She usually sits in the seat or reclines with her head near me so that I can pet her:) She is definitely a ‘hands-on-dogie!’ Our destination is around 8 miles from home and she can sense when we turn into the parking lot and gets excited again! We take a walk around the parking lot and visit the grassy areas before entering the hospital.

Most times we meet several other members and their dogs for our rounds. It is more fun going with a ‘pack!’ Luci is the smallest of all the dogs and can run under most of them! She doesn’t seem to mind being a ‘shortie’ and many times leads the pack! She likes to move fast down the hospital halls!

Our fave place to visit is the three Children’s Hospitals, all in the same building. The last time we visited there, many of the staff and moms/dads/sisters/brothers wanted to pet Luci and tell us about their dogs! Luci has not met anyone she didn’t like! She is a ‘people friendly dog!’ And has the temperment it takes for all situations we come across in the hospital. She is good with tiny children who have IV’s in their arms, feet, and legs. I lift her up to their level and they can pet her head! Luci looks like she is smiling all the time and this happy feeling she emits transfers to the children, parents, nurses, staff, and passer by people!

Luci and I are planning a trip out of town next month for her Delta evaluation which will give her the credentials for service work anywhere.

Service dogs are a special gift from God, not only to the people they serve but to their owners and family.
My hubby and son are crazy about Luci and she is for certain a ‘FAMILY MEMBER!’

Anyone interested in what is required for becoming a service therapy dog, please let me know. Can direct you to the person(s) in charge and would love to have more dogs doing this goodwill/charity work!

Rocky Mountain Writer ~ Tamara D Fickas ~: GIVEAWAY! – 1,000 Gifts Continues

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