Just another WordPress.com site Adventures with Luci, Sheri's therapy welch corgi dog.

I signed Luci up for a six-week training with a trainer, Ms. Pat, who is well-known in our area. She stresses praise for the dog that learns his/her commands rather than treats. Last week was the first week. We met at a mall with an outdoor covered breeze-way on Tuesday evening for an hour. There was quite a mix of breeds there, some puppies, and others were grown, while others were in between! It was a bit chaotic the first evening as it was a new experience for the dogs and their owners and Ms. Pat and her assistants.

Our first exercise was to get our dogs used to walking close by our left side and be ready to stop/stay/go upon command. Luci’s experience in this training was learned in a previous training, so this one was easy! Luci is an obedient dog and wants to please just with her natural instincts.

The exercise for last evening was ‘Sit-Stay.’ In the ‘Heel’ position after the ‘Stay’ command I moved my left hand down in front of Luci’s nose and gave the command, “Stay.” I left her, starting out on my right foot, took two steps forward, turned and faced Luci. The objective was to train her to ‘stay’ in this position until I told her ‘done.’ She did well, picking up on the commands. I lavished her with praise for doing good and being a good girl, lots of hugs and pets ! We practiced ‘Sit Stay’ for a minute or two in class. Ms. Pat encouraged lots of practice on this exercise at home, taking more time, perfecting this before next week’s class.

Luci was a bit nervous at first for last evening’s session with many dogs there. Soon, she got used to them and blended right in with the around the circle exercises. It was a new learning experience for her, she learned and caught on quickly, and loved being there ! The only negative was the intense heat, 106-109 degs! It did help with a roof over our heads!

Until next week, we bid you adieu, God bless you and all furry friends,

Love, Sheri and Luci
Written by Sheri DeLoach


Comments on: "Luci goes back to training school ~ pre-fall 2011" (2)

  1. Tami Segars Ott said:

    I’m so proud of Luci !! And you, Sheri for what y’all are doing! So glad you’re both a part of my life! Thanks for sharing, and for sharing all your love and compassion with our patients @ TXHHH. God bless you both, always!

  2. Hope you will enjoy and read post to Mama 🙂
    for Sis – TKC –

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