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Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center PUP Program

Luci and I were invited to have a tour/visit with the director of HBMCPP(the title).// We arrived right on time, 2:00PM and met Ms Joann and her therapy dog, Marney, a Australian Shepherd born in 2007. Luci was a bit unsure about Marney ! Luci hasn’t been around lots of dogs and doesn’t quite have the ‘socialization skills’ that are required to be a full pledged therapy dog. We are working on it ! Luci barked a couple of time at Marney but soon feel right into line with the tour. //We toured the ER room with lots of activity going on ! We met lots of new people and it was apparent that they knew Marney and she knew them ! Luci got her share of attention and loved it.// I was amazed that Luci was right at home with the ER situation. Lots of people were there even a couple of police people ! // After out tour we went back to the Commons Area, sat down with Ms Joann and Marney. Luci, still intimidated by Marney’s size compared to hers, barked again at her ! Ms. Joann advised that we consult with a trainer on socialization and take a six week course. Good advice !// We said goodbye to our new found friends and made plans to have another visit next week.//