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May 05, 2011

Yesterday, Thursday, is our day to visit patients at a local nursing home. Luci loves people and going into nursing homes because she is a therapy welch corgi dog. She was born to be such a dog !

We visited a young man named Johathan who is not able to speak but can understand what is said to him. I sat in a chair next to his bed and held Luci in my lap. I lifted her up so that her front paws were on the bedrail so that she could see Jonathan face to face. Jonathan is paralysed but his beautiful eyes and lashes tell us much. We talked about how our day started with Luci and I going on an early morning walk. We walk in the meadows behind our home. Luci knows our paths and I have been letting her have freedom from the leash for short distances. She does good ! I talked about the nice family pictures he had directly across the room from him. I told him that I know his mom from taking college classes with her. And, she had asked if I would bring Luci for a therapy visit !

It was a good visit. I could sense that Luci connected with Jonathan in a way that only animals can with humans who are sick. Luci was ready to go when I told her it was time to go. We told Jonathan goodbye for now, and would see him again next week. I believe that Jonathan can understand what’s being said to him, although there is no visible facial expressions or vocal sounds from him.

Until next our next adventure,
Goodnight !
Sheri and Luci


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